Billing & Insurance Information

We don’t like surprises, especially financial surprises.

We will always make sure you know what the cost of any treatment is before we begin treatment. This includes the total cost of treatment, any benefits you may have through an insurance plan, and what the final “out of pocket” cost will be. We do this for everything, from comprehensive exams and routine hygiene maintenance, to smile enhancements and full mouth rehabilitations.

Good dentistry is expensive.
Bad dentistry is really expensive.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality dental care available. We also pride ourselves on making sure this level of care is accessible. To that end, we accept all payment methods (cash, check, all credit cards), offer payment plans through CareCredit, offer our own Capital Plan if you don’t have or don’t like your dental benefits, and maximize the dental benefits you do have.

If you have an individual dental benefit plan, do not have a dental benefit plan through your employer, or are an employer looking to provide your employees with benefits at an exceptional dental practice: learn more about our Capital Plan here.

We are insurance friendly!
We will coordinate with all PPO insurance plans and accept payment from those plans.

This means we will submit your insurance claims for you and be sure to maximize the dental benefits of your plan. Our insurance coordinators will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf to be sure everyone understands the increasingly complex world of dental benefits. You are responsible for the cost of the treatment and we work very hard to be sure both you and our office understand what the total cost of treatment will be.

Case Study #1

Overview of Case : This wonderful patient was dissatisfied with the uneven edges, and color of her upper teeth.  We always work with the end in mind. To this end, the design phase is critical. Our initial design lengthened the teeth at the edges, reversing the wear, and increased the height in some areas at the gumline, restoring the lost space due to shifting.  The final result is very natural and fits the patient's smile and face well. We were so happy this patient trusted us to provide this care!

Case Study #2

This wonderful patient came to us as a referral from a local oral surgeon. Her lower teeth were painful and mobile due to gum, or periodontal, disease. We developed a plan that transitioned our patient from fixed appliances to her final hybrid. The final prosthetic consists of a high-performance polymer and individual crowns for maximum esthetic, fit, and feel. This entire process took about six months and the patient was thrilled with the final result!