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If you don’t like your smile, you may not know where to start. We’ll help you see what’s possible, design a plan to do it, and get the smile that fits you best.

Your confident smile is our goal.  To get it you’ll need healthy teeth and healthy gums, and you’ll need a dentist with cosmetic dentistry expertise – to get the shape, position, and color of your teeth just right for you.  Whether you need porcelain veneers or a full-mouth restoration, Dr. Forbes and the team at Capital Dental Design in Richmond can help you every step of the way.

6 things allow us to provide you the best dentistry in an environment so stress-free you’ll forget you’re at your dentist’s office:

  • Our patients’ reviews tell you exactly what to expect.
    “Recommended 100%! I’ve been coming to this office for over 30 years! I brought my husband and my kids. The transition has been great. The staff is always friendly and Dr. Forbes is awesome. The hygienists are amazing and the dental assistant is too! Super patient with me. Thanks Anne Marie! I guess I’ll be staying at least another 30 years!” –Angela Brown
  • There’s no chance you won’t get your favorite dentist, because there’s one dentist in our practice: Dr. Graham Forbes. You’ll get your favorite dentist every time.
  • We always take the time to explain your dental health and all the ways to a brighter smile. Too many dental practices are run by semi-helpful administrators and dentists who can’t be bothered to answer your questions or explain treatment options. At Capital Dental Design, Dr. Graham personally explains the how and why in as much detail as you want, and the whole Capital team walks you through all other parts of your stress-free visit.
    “Great dentist and staff! The hygienist I visited was the best I’ve ever seen and I’m a very nervous dental patient. Dr. Forbes is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about the dental profession. Dr. Forbes actually took the time to sit in his office and go over my checkup, no dentist has ever taken the time like that. Truly the best patient service.” –Nick Mazzenga
  • You’ll experience gentle dentistry. No “leap out of the chair” moments here.
  • Our state-of-the-art Digital Smile Design technology gives us a perfect map of your mouth, lets us understand your mouth, helps us understand your smile goals, and know exactly how to achieve your perfect smile – well before we touch a single tooth. The only surprise you’re in for is how much joy and comfort you’ll feel at seeing the smile you’ve always wanted to have. (Read more.)
  • You’ll get to know us, and know what to expect each time you visit, because you’ll probably see us for many years. We think you’ll grow accustomed to stress-free dentistry and a bright smile.
    “I have been coming to this group for 38 years. They continue to provide excellent dental care and customer service.” –Gary Miller
    “I have been a patient for more than ten years. The office administrative staff is professional, insightful and responsive to patient needs. The clinical staff, although with a new leader at the helm, has not skipped a beat. Their caring demeanor has made my dental experience a truly enjoyable experience. I look forward to many more years of service from Capital Dental Design.” –Mahlone West
Whatever you need to get your perfect smile, Richmond cosmetic dentist Dr. Graham Forbes can help.
Let us brighten your smile!


Full Mouth Restoration

If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, or if they are damaged significantly, you may need a full-mouth restoration. Especially with our Digital Smile Design technology, it will be easier than it sounds.

Cosmetic Restorations

In our practice, tooth colored fillings, or composites, are used exclusively. While amalgam fillings do a serviceable job at restoring teeth, composites are able to blend into teeth creating a beautiful, natural restoration.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a conservative way to restore shade and shape to teeth in order to maximize esthetics. We will typically perform a smile design prior to placing veneers.

Dental Implants

An implant is a titanium root replacement for a missing tooth. These can be used as the replacements for individual teeth, anchors for bridges, or even anchors for dentures. Implants are a safe, predictable way to replace missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentures

Working closely with a top lab in the country we are able to fabricate incredibly lifelike dentures and partial dentures that provide excellent stability and superior esthetics.

Root Canals

Root canals get a bad reputation. Where a filling removes an infection of the hard tissue of a tooth (a cavity,) a root canal removes the infected soft tissue (the nerve.) A properly managed root canal should be as…

Socket Preservation

Sometimes an empty socket can lead to bone loss, which could threaten your other teeth. Bone loss also complicates your oral health if you ever want to get a dental implant to replace the lost tooth. Having your dentist take socket-preservation measures also helps to avoid the infamous painful “dry socket.”

Tooth Extraction

Nobody wants to lose a tooth, but sometimes it’s necessary. With proper oral hygiene, probably the only teeth you’ll ever need extracted are your wisdom teeth. Still, if we do need to pull one of your teeth you can expect a gentle procedure.



Dr. Graham Forbes is a graduate of MCV/VCU and joined the practice in 2017. Dr. Forbes completed a two year residency at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, and has participated in hundreds of hours of continuing education and study clubs.

Our practice was founded by Dr. Thomas Wright Jr., a 1969 graduate of MCV, following time in the Army dental corps. In his years of dentistry, Dr. Wright has been at the forefront of implant dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, and laser dentistry.

Providing the highest quality, comprehensive care with a personal touch are the hallmarks of our practice.

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