Case Study #2

This wonderful patient came to us as a referral from a local oral surgeon. Her lower teeth were painful and mobile due to gum, or periodontal, disease. We developed a plan that transitioned our patient from fixed appliances to her final hybrid. At no point did she have anything removable. Our initial temporary was a long bridge on several teeth. Our second temporary was placed directly on the implants the day they were placed by the oral surgeon. The third temporary was placed on the implants following implant healing to confirm bite and esthetics. The final prosthetic consists of a high-performance polymer and individual crowns for maximum esthetic, fit, and feel. This entire process took about six months and the patient was thrilled with the final result!

Step 1

Presentation: lower dentition failing due to gum disease

Step 2

Transition: While grafting healed, long term temporary bridge was placed on selected teeth.

Step 3
All on Four

All on Four: Remaining teeth were removed and a pre-made denture was immediate placed on implants in order to maintain fully fixed prosthetic during healing.

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Step 5
Implant check

Implant Check: implants well healed and well integrated after four month healing phase

Step 6
Final prosthetic prototype

Final Prosthetic Prototype: Prototype hybrid in place to confirm bite and esthetics.

Step 7
Final Hybrid

Final Hybrid: Final hybrid in place, well integrated with excelled bite and natural esthetics.