Teeth Whitening

Your confident smile is our goal.  To get it you’ll need healthy teeth and healthy gums, and you’ll need a dentist with cosmetic dentistry expertise – to get the shape, position, and color of your teeth just right for you.  Whether you need porcelain veneers or a full-mouth restoration, Dr. Forbes and the team at Capital Dental Design in Richmond can help you every step of the way.

Teeth Whitening in Richmond, VA

A bright smile can influence your life in so many ways. For example, it can increase your self-esteem and confidence, which can even impact your career and relationships.  A smile you feel confident about can help you feel more at ease, not only with yourself, but with friends and strangers, too. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which our bright smile can be dulled as a result of lifestyle choices and certain foods and beverages, which can cause teeth to become yellowed and look old. Some people are also simply genetically predisposed to teeth turning grey or yellowing as they age. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this issue.

At Capital Dental Design we believe in optimal oral health and the power of your smile.  If you have teeth that are stained or discolored that makes you feel self conscious, schedule an appointment today to see if teeth whitening is right for you. This simple in-office procedure can make a dramatic difference in the brightness of your smile and instill you with newfound confidence.

To learn more about professional teeth whitening, please refer to the following, or schedule an appointment today. We proudly serve patients throughout Richmond and the surrounding area, including neighborhoods like Southampton, Stratford Hills, Westover Hills, Bon Air, Libbie and Grove, Church Hill, The Fan, Westham, Museum District, and Mooreland Farms.

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Teeth Whitening Process

The teeth whitening process will begin with an initial consultation, during which Dr. Forbes will evaluate your mouth to determine if teeth whitening is the right treatment option for you. If you have severe gum disease, worn enamel, or tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening may not be the best option. If you are not affected by any of these issues, the teeth whitening process will include the following steps:

  • Expose your teeth.
  • Shield your gums and other soft tissues.
  • Apply bleaching gel (20 minutes)
  • Rinse your teeth and monitor progress
  • Apply second round of gel (if needed)
  • Evaluate results

Once Dr. Forbes is satisfied with your results, the teeth whitening process will be complete. It is important to be aware that your teeth are dehydrated following this procedure, so it will take several days for the final results to appear.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

The primary advantage to having your teeth professionally whitened is the resulting smile, which will be brighter and more attractive, which in turn can help restore or boost your self-esteem. Additional advantages that you will enjoy from having your teeth whitened in our office include:

  • Better, Whiter, More Even Results: Although over-the-counter whitening products can slightly improve the appearance of discolored or stained teeth, they typically only work for mild stains and do not provide nearly as dramatic of results as a professional whitening session.
  • Fast results: A professional tooth whitening procedure can typically be performed within an hour, making it one of the fastest and most cost affordable cosmetic treatment options available.
  • Long lasting results: Unlike many over-the-counter products, which do not provide results as reliably or as long, a professional tooth whitening procedure can provide long-lasting results, provided proper home maintenance is maintained.
  • Customized Treatments: A professional tooth whitening procedure performed at our clinic is designed for your specific needs and whitening preferences, unlike over-the-counter treatments, which do not allow for customization.
  • Safe and Comfortable: Receiving professional teeth whitening from Dr. Forbes practically eliminates your risk of damaging gum tissue and/or experiencing discomfort because he is able to monitor the process and adjust the whitening agent as needed. Following treatment, you will also be given tips for how you can limit tooth sensitivity and properly care for your teeth at home.
  • Magnetic Results: A bright, white smile is like a magnet: it draws people to you, makes a bold first impression and conveys that you take pride in your appearance and have good daily habits. With enhanced self-confidence and a magnetic smile, don’t be surprised if you see positive results in both you love life and professional life.

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Aftercare Instructions

Although you will not have to follow any special aftercare instructions following your teeth whitening, it may be possible that the reason this procedure was necessary in the first place is that you have not been taking proper care of your oral health. Make a habit of brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily and follow a balanced diet that is not overloaded with foods that are sugary or acidic. Additional steps you can take include drinking more water, especially after every meal and using a mouthwash and/or fluoride toothpaste. To avoid staining your teeth and prolonging the results of your teeth whitening, it is also important to avoid drinks and foods that can stain your teeth, and it is especially important to avoid smoking, which will not only preserve the appearance of your teeth but will also improve your overall oral and physical health.

Finally, the most important step you can take to preserve your oral health and avoid the need for procedures such as teeth whitening is to schedule a regular examination with us at least twice a year, or with greater regularity if you are at an increased risk of developing oral health issues. These visits ensure that Dr. Forbes can evaluate your oral health and identify issues before they develop into something worse. They also allow us to perform one of our three types of dental exams: a limited exam (for specific concerns), comprehensive exam (thorough examination of your overall oral health followed by treatment recommendations), or our signature exam, which includes the comprehensive exam as well as a full head and neck exam and ideas for a Digital Smile Design.

Cost of Teeth Whitening

Several factors will determine the total cost of teeth whitening, the biggest being how many shades whiter you want to go and whether the procedure is covered (and if so, how much) by your dental insurance plan. Prior to scheduling any procedure, we will discuss the anticipated costs, verify your benefits (if applicable) to determine out-of-pocket costs, and answer any questions you may have about billing.

If you are not covered under a dental insurance plan, or if you are simply interested in saving money, consider joining the Capital Dental Design Membership Plan. Although we make every effort to keep our services affordable for all patients, joining our membership plan allows us to save you even more money by covering the cost of preventive care such as cleanings, exams, and routine x-rays. We also offer discounts of 10-15% on other dental services offered at our clinic. To learn more about our membership plan, payment options, or anticipated costs, contact our office today!

If you have not joined us as a patient yet and/or if you would like to schedule an appointment to determine whether teeth whitening is right for you, contact us today online or call us directly at (804) 320-8894.