Dental crowns have been around for centuries, and they have proved a reliable way to repair damaged or weakened teeth. Nonetheless, modern innovations have made these restorations more realistic and effective than ever before. At Capital Dental Design in Richmond, VA, we proudly provide the most up-to-date dental services, including porcelain dental crowns. Like traditional “caps,” these restorations go right on top of damaged teeth to strengthen them and reinstate oral function. Made of porcelain, however, they offer an authentic color and sparkle for the ultimate in esthetics.

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When Do We Recommend a Porcelain Crown?

Dr. Forbes may suggest a crown to correct any number of functional or cosmetic concerns:

  • A cracked tooth
  • A worn, unusually small, or irregularly shaped tooth
  • A tooth with severe internal staining
  • A tooth that has been weakened by bruxism
  • A tooth with severe decay that is too widespread for a simple filling
  • A missing tooth when a crown tops a dental implant
  • A dental infection since crown placement is the last step of root canal therapy

In the past, dentists recommended porcelain crowns only for the front teeth since they do not bear as much force when you bite and chew. Fortunately, however, scientists have made significant improvements in dental porcelain, and it is now almost as strong as metal. As a result, these crowns are usually appropriate for all teeth, including the back molars.

Designing and Placing Your Crown

Dr. Forbes will consider all of the details when providing your crown. With his meticulous methods, your crown will look quite realistic. It will also fit comfortably and securely against your tooth without disturbing your overall bite alignment. First, we will schedule you for a consultation, at which time your dentist will determine if a crown is the right option for you. If it is, he will begin planning your restoration, looking at the color and overall shape of your tooth. He will take pictures of your smile so the lab can create a crown that is a near-perfect match.

Next Dr. Forbes will numb your tooth before reshaping it to accommodate the restoration. Although he will need to remove a significant amount of tissue, he will work as conservatively as possible. With his gentle methods and the local anesthesia, you should feel very little discomfort. Nonetheless, if you suffer from dental anxiety, we can also provide IV sedation.

After prepping your tooth, your dentist will take impressions, which he will send to our partner lab. The technicians will carefully craft your crown out of porcelain that corresponds with the color of your smile. Although you will need to wait several weeks before you receive your crown, a temporary cap can prevent significant discomfort and allow you to eat a fairly regular diet. Once the crown is finished, Dr. Forbes will attach it to your tooth. He will use composite, employing a curing light to harden the material and bond the crown in place.

The Many Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

Made of metal or porcelain, crowns can be vitally important for your oral health. These restorations can often repair gravely damaged teeth, sometimes preventing the need for extraction. By fortifying the outside of weakened teeth, they can reduce your risk for future damage. Finally, when placing crowns, Dr. Forbes will remove any diseased tissue so the treatment can also stop the spread of decay and bacteria.

At the same time, porcelain crowns offer several distinct benefits of their own. The color will be quite lifelike, and your restoration will retain its natural appearance. In contrast, some white crowns have a metal base. Although it looks natural to begin with, the metal can start to show through over time. A dark gray line may appear at the gum line, or the entire restoration may have a gray tint.
Furthermore, porcelain has a slight translucence that makes it sparkle like dental enamel. Your restoration will also have a natural shape, thanks to our lab’s skill and our biomimetic techniques. We will design your crown so that it matches the shape of your other teeth, the curvature of your gums, and the overall shape of your face.

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A porcelain crown can restore your damaged tooth and the look of your smile. We can also replace an old metal crown with porcelain, helping you look younger and feel more confident. Contact our office online or call (804) 320-8894 to schedule your appointment.

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