Afraid of going to the dentist? Or do you just find the sights, sounds, and sensations so annoying you’re tempted not to go?

Don’t be one of the more than 50% of Americans who stops going to the dentist. You need regular dental visits to protect your teeth and overall health (to say nothing of how your smile can affect your mood, self-image, and how you appear to others).

Come to Capital Dental Design in Richmond.  With a simple IV, Dr. Graham Forbes and team can make any appointment feel like a slumber party. 

Is IV sedation dentistry safe?

IV sedation is safe when the dentist is skilled and trained, as Dr. Forbes is. We monitor your vitals throughout your procedure to make sure you and the IV get along.

We ask that you get someone you trust to drive you home from your appointment, because you won’t be in a position to drive. That’s the only minor hassle involved in sedation dentistry. The anti-anxiety medications we use tend to leave patients sleepy and “out of it” for several hours after the work is complete. (That’s why it’s so effective at making your dental procedure extra relaxing.) Anyway, please ask someone you know and trust, rather call a cab or an Uber/Lyft.

In some cases we may add pain medication to your IV, but only after discussing the need with you, and only if your physical health makes you a good candidate for that sort of medication. It’s much more common for us to use local anesthesia, if pain medication is required. 

What does IV sedation feel like?

Every patient’s body is a little different, so it’s hard to say with certainty what IV sedation will feel like for you.

But we can tell you what most people experience.  They:

  • Remain conscious;
  • Feel relaxed and sleepy;
  • Can answer questions during the procedure;
  • Remember very little after their appointments, and
  • Feel as though time has passed quickly, and are surprised to be done “so soon.”

Most people find sedation to be a pleasant experience, and a good way to make their time at the dentist’s more relaxing.

IV sedation costs

Often insurance covers part of the cost of IV sedation, though you’ll have to check with your provider to make sure. We also have nitrous oxide and oral sedation options, which can cost a lot less.

Many of our patients find the additional cost is more than worthwhile. Procedures tend to be less complicated when you’re relaxed, and the reduction in the amount of pain or anxiety patients experience makes a huge difference.

By the way, we would not use an IV for a routine dental cleaning. You might use one for a root canal, tooth extraction, dental implant, or other surgical procedures.

To add sedation and make your visit to Richmond’s most relaxing dental office even more relaxing, contact Capital Dental Design today.

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