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A dentist with an Invisalign specialty will know how to adjust a patient’s teeth so that they’re aligned. The materials used in the alignment are invisible and go unnoticed. This can make you feel better because you don’t need to worry about friends mocking you for having big metal braces. Check to find out if visiting an Invisalign dentist can help brighten your smile.

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Invisalign aligners are extremely simple to use but the patient must follow the rules. A 3D simulation is usually offered at the time of service in order to customize the retainers to the patient’s requested settings. If the patient doesn’t wear the retainers, they will not get all the benefits. Invisalign braces require you to do your part, but the flip side of this responsibility is that you only need to show up at your dentist’s office every four to six weeks.

There are more than three million satisfied Invisalign users around the world. You can be any age, and have teeth of any shape or size, to benefit from Invisalign braces. Even elderly patients older than 70 have had great success with Invisalign braces. Not only are they almost imperceptible, however they are also extremely comfortable.

Metal braces have a disadvantage in that they can be very uncomfortable and rub your lips and gums. For athletes, there’s a risk of injury due to the braces. A routine basketball to the face could become a serious facial injury for someone with braces. Luckily, Invisalign can be easily removed during practice or games, so that they can stay safe in your bag until you are prepared to put them back in.

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Invisalign knows that a great smile is really the basis of a great life. You may feel embarrassed while facing people if you’re not happy with your smile. You will find that a great smile is paramount to high confidence. You may choose conventional braces as your option though they can’t suit everyone.

Braces really are a long term investment in your child’s self-confidence. Don’t underestimate how important a winning smile is to both your child’s happiness and future career success. While Invisalign can’t repair some cross-bites, nearly everyone in need of repairs can find this treatment beneficial.

Invisalign is typically a great choice for families who’ve one or even more kids with misaligned teeth. Kids can often feel embarrassed wearing unsightly and uncomfortable wire braces. Invisalign often costs more, but you can rest assured that your child will likely be happier with the teeth straightening experience. Since everyone knows that children can lose or forget a retainer, we provide several replacements completely free.

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