Certain foods and beverages and lifestyle choices can leave your teeth looking yellow and old.

Pretty much everyone drinks coffee, tea, or soda in a day. Add in a glass of red wine and you’ve got a lot of colorful liquids bombarding your teeth, often long before your nightly tooth-brushing.  Even if you avoid all of those things, your genetics still can play a role, causing you teeth to turn yellow (or grey) as you age.

In-office whitening provides a safe and effective solution that offers beautiful and long-lasting results. 

How does in-office teeth whitening work?

We follow these steps:

  1. We expose all your teeth.
  2. We shield your gums and other soft tissues.
  3. We apply a bleaching gel. You can expect to wear this for about twenty minutes.
  1. We rinse your teeth and take a look at your progress. We might apply a second round of gel if necessary.

After the process is done we’ll measure the effectiveness. Keep in mind you won’t see the real shade of your teeth for a couple of days, because they’ll be dehydrated right after the procedure.

Will in-office teeth whitening damage my teeth or gums? 

If you’re a good candidate for in-office whitening in the first place, it’s a low-risk procedure. Again, we take steps to protect your gums. Some patients experience a little tooth sensitivity right after the procedure is done, though.

For many patients, especially those who struggle with periodontal health, in-office tooth whitening is much safer than cheaper at-home options.

When should you not get teeth whitening done at all? If you have existing tooth sensitivity, worn enamel, or severe gum disease, you probably should not get a whitening treatment. Dr. Forbes will let you know if he doesn’t think in-office teeth whitening is safe or right for you. 

How much does in-office teeth whitening cost?

It depends on how much of a change you’re going for – how many shades whiter.

Your insurance may not cover teeth-whitening, because it’s considered a cosmetic procedure. Still, contact your insurance company to double-check.

Most of our patients tell us the cost has been well worth it. You don’t need two rows of movie-star pearly whites to feel the difference: even going a couple of shades brighter can improve your confidence and make you more likely to smile.  Teeth-whitening may pay for itself in regained self-esteem and new opportunities you seize. 

How long will my teeth stay white after in-office whitening? 

If you take good care of your teeth, don’t smoke, and avoid foods and drinks that tend to stain teeth, you can expect the effects of your teeth-whitening procedure to last for 2-3 years. About half of our patients go right back to their morning coffee or tea, which can mean the procedure only lasts 9-12 months.

You can get a touch-up procedure every six months to lengthen the amount of time your teeth remain bright and white.

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