Dentures can be a pain. They shift around, make eating difficult, make speaking difficult, and require maintenance. And that’s if they fit well, which they don’t always: ill-fitting dentures can make your mouth feel sore.

If you’ve lost all your teeth, or all the teeth on one arch, or perhaps can’t afford implant-supported hybrids, implant-retained dentures may be your next-best solution.

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What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant retained dentures use two-to-four dental implants to help a denture “snap” into place. The implants hold your dentures during the day, offering improved fit and stability over traditional denture options. At night, you’ll continue to remove these dentures so you may clean them properly, just like traditional dentures.

This lets you enjoy some of the other benefits of implants as well, such as reducing bone loss. This, in turn, helps you maintain more of your facial structure. Your ability to chew all kinds of food is another big benefit—even two implants can restore 90% of your chewing capacity.

Implant-retained dentures also help you reduce many of the embarrassing situations dentures can cause (like blowing out birthday candles and having your teeth land in the cake). The amount of movement you’ll feel is minimal. These dentures are secure and comfortable. Few people (if any) will be able to tell the difference between your implant-retained dentures and natural teeth. 

Two or four dental implants: which is better?

In general, the structure of your mouth, the health of your mouth, and your financial situation will determine whether we should use two implants or four. Insurance will only cover part of the procedure.  You may have to find other ways to finance the rest. Keeping costs down is one big reason patients opt for this procedure over implant-supported hybrids.

Four implants will give you more of the benefits of having implants, but much depends on how much bone loss you’ve already experienced. We can avoid bone grafts by using just two implants, angling them into the places where the bone is the strongest.

How long do implant-supported hybrids take to fit and implant?

Fitting you with implant-retained dentures should take two to four visits. You’ll need an initial visit for us to examine and scan your mouth. During your next visit we’ll place the implants and give you your dentures. Later, you may need follow-up visits to adjust the fit and aesthetics of the final product.

Experiencing success with implant-retained dentures also means regular dental hygiene visits, just like when you had your own teeth. We hope you will keep up with your annual visits to our office, so we can make sure everything’s in good shape and keep your mouth clean and healthy.

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