Embarrassed to smile with silver dots in your teeth? Don’t worry: We’ll use composite (AKA white) dental fillings, which match the color of your teeth. Composite fillings may also treat cracks and chips, in addition to cavity damage. No matter what kind of damage we may need to fix, you can rest easy knowing the repair won’t be obvious.  Call Capital Dental Design in Richmond to book an appointment or to ask questions, or read on to find out more about composite/white fillings. 

How long does it take to finish white fillings?

White dental fillings can be placed in just appointment. They don’t take any longer to do than a gold or amalgam filling takes.  In fact, you may be surprised at how quickly the whole process goes. Typically, patients do not report any pain during the process. Meanwhile, you protect the rest of your tooth from rot, decay, and additional damage. 

How long do composite fillings last?

Composite fillings last 7 to 10 years if you keep up with your oral hygiene regimen. After that, you’ll need to come back in so you can get them replaced.  (Of course, we can help with that.)  Though some signs might indicate a failing filling, like tooth sensitivity or discolorations, some patients don’t even notice the filling needs to be replaced. That is where regular check-ups with your dentist are especially important. Your dentist checks your fillings at every appointment to ensure they’re solid. 

Is there anyone who can’t have composite fillings?

We can’t think of anyone who is not a good candidate for composite fillings.  They’re a good choice at any age, and for all levels of health. They’re great for front teeth and for back teeth.

In fact, composite fillings are even healthier than amalgam (“silver”) fillings, because amalgam fillings contain mercury. You won’t see direct harm from an amalgam filling, but that doesn’t mean a little mercury isn’t getting into your system. 

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“I have had two procedures done at Capital Dental Design. I was a little nervous the first time, but the staff was great. Dr. Forbes and Ann Marie were awesome and the experience was great. On both occasions, Dr. Forbes explained things to me in his office in greater detail, and I loved it. He also called to check on me later in the evening. Thank you, Capital Dental Design.” -Ashish Surendranath

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