Crooked teeth aren’t only a cosmetic issue: They’re a health issue, too. That’s because crooked teeth can make it hard for you to clean your teeth properly.

Of course, it’s also good to have a straight smile that shows the real you. At Capital Dental Design in Richmond we’re fully equipped to treat underbites, overbites, and tooth gaps.

For most patients that will involve Invisalign, the revolutionary treatment that straightens your teeth invisibly without traditional braces. Invisalign protects you from the “metal mouth” or “brace face” look, embarrassing episodes chewing gum, and so on. Invisalign often is a more effective solution than are traditional braces, because each alignment tray is custom-created just for you.

How does Invisalign work? 

We start by using digital 3D imaging to make a blueprint of your mouth. We use digital smile design, which means we can make sure the end result matches your personality and vision.

Then we start building the alignment tray. You’ll wear a tray for 23 hours a day, periodically moving to a different tray as time goes by. They snap right into place over your existing teeth. 

Who can use Invisalign?

Teens and adults are great candidates for Invisalign. Children are good candidates only if their teeth have stopped growing.

Invisalign is best for correcting minor issues. More severe cases generally will require traditional orthodontic treatment instead.

Of course, before deciding on Invisalign you need to commit to the process. Will you wear the alignment trays for 23 hours every day? Will you remember to change out the trays on your appointed schedule? If do the follow-through, then Invisalign is for you. 

How do I care for my Invisalign trays?

You can eat or drink anything you want with Invisalign. You’ll just need to take out the trays before you eat. Be sure to brush your teeth before putting the trays back in.

Every night before bed you should rinse your aligners, brushing them gently with a soft toothbrush. Or you can invest in the Invisalign cleaning system. If you use the cleaning system you’ll add a packet of cleaning crystals into a container of warm water. You’ll place your alignment tray in the water and it will get clean.

It’s not a bad idea to get a carrying case for your aligner. This will give you a safe, secure, and clean place to store your aligners between meals.

Ready for that straighter smile?

Call Capital Dental Design in Richmond at (804) 320-8894 to set up an Invisalign appointment.

“This Dental Office is nothing short of awesome! Staff is warm and welcoming. They know you by name and always greet you with a smile. My experience here has been gratifying and much appreciated. I started with great service from Dr. Thomas Wright, and it spilled over to Dr. Graham Forbes…whom I am very happy with. I look forward to many, many more visits with CDD with Charles, Rochelle, Dr. Forbes and the remaining wonderful staff.” -Yvette Carter

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