Full Mouth Restoration – from Dental Implants to Cosmetic Work

Do you have major dental problems? Lost or missing teeth? Don’t lose hope. We can replace every tooth in your mouth if we have to. Dental technology has evolved to give us many options, and we’re specialists at developing full-mouth treatment plans.

In fact, we can digitally design the exact smile you want, adjust it for your facial features and personality, and build that new smile directly into your mouth. It sounds like science fiction, but we do it every day. As far as we know, Capital Dental Design is the only practice in Richmond with the necessary equipment and certifications to bring this level of precision to our patients.

Here are some common questions we get about our full-mouth dentistry.

When do you need a full-mouth restoration?

Thatlevel of dentistry becomes necessary when one of two things has happened: Either (1) you’ve lost every tooth in your mouth, or (2) almost every tooth is significantly damaged.

Many conditions can cause you to need a full mouth restoration. Even people with very good dental hygiene may need this service at some point in their lives. Mouth trauma from playing sports, suffering from an assault, or getting involved in a car accident can create the kind of tooth loss that requires a full-mouth reconstruction. Likewise for gum disease, which often is hereditary, linked to other health problems, or caused by over-aggressive brushing.


What kind of dental solutions go into a full-mouth restoration?

We might need to mix and match a variety of techniques. Every patient is a little different, so we don’t just dive in. We create a step-by-step treatment plan.

A full-mouth plan may include:

  • Gum grafts
  • Bone grafts
  • Composite fillings
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Veneers
  • Whitening

We will always explain your treatment plan, so you won’t have any surprises. You’ll know the techniques we’ll use, the schedule we intend to use them on, and what the end result will be. Our digital smile design technology means you’ll even be able to see what your smile will look like on your face before we begin. You’ll have something to look forward to as you go through each procedure.

Scared of all these dental procedures? Don’t be. We also offer sedation dentistry to keep you comfortable while we work.

When should you get a full mouth restoration?

Ideally you’d come to us as soon as you experience any tooth loss. Coming in early can reduce the number of procedures you’ll have to go through.

Some studies have indicated getting implant placement within three weeks of the tooth loss can circumvent the need for a bone graft. That comports with the mechanics of your mouth, because the pressure of your teeth against your jawbone as you chew and talk is what keeps the bone strong. The sooner you get an implant in to do the job your tooth is doing, the lower the chances that your bone will need reinforcements.

Still, it’s never too late. We can help even if you’ve been missing all your teeth for years.

Does insurance pay for full-mouth reconstructive dentistry?

“Full mouth restoration” isn’t what we present to your  insurance company: Rather, we need to make a claim on each dental procedure as we perform it.

So, for example, if you start with a gum graft we’d bill that first. Insurance companies might cover everything other than your copay or deductible for that particular procedure. Then, we’d move on to the dental implants. Insurance companies tend to cover about half the cost of implants.

We don’t surprise you. You’ll have the breakdown of procedures and costs in hand before we begin. That will give you the ability to call and discuss the work with your insurance company. You can then look for ways to finance the difference.

Don’t forget to look beyond your dental insurance plan. If you need full mouth restoration because of a car accident, for example, your car insurance company may end up covering some of the costs.

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