“Hey, put that camera away!”

What if you never again felt the need to say that to friends or family members?  What if instead of being the person who ducks out of photos taken by non-professionals (because they don’t make you “look good”), you seek out every chance to be in a photo, because you know you look great in every photo?

Your smile can do that.  It can show the real you – a side of you that other people may not have experienced in a while.

That smile is closer than you think.  All you need to do is sit through one more photo session – the last time you’ll ever feel anxious around a camera, or self-conscious when smiling.

But this time, nobody but Dr. Graham Forbes at Capital Dental Design in Richmond will see those photos.  Using a technology called Dental Smile Design, Dr. Forbes will help you design and preview exactly what your perfect smile will look like before any dental work is done.

Digital Smile Design is cosmetic dentistry for the 21st Century. With it, a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Forbes becomes a smile architect.  It offers a level of precision previous cosmetic dentistry techniques could not match.  It uses cutting-edge technology like 3D printing to reduce how long you wait for your new smile.

You get to design the smile you want.  You can even preview several designs before picking your favorite.  You and Dr. Forbes are the architects who design the perfect smile, so you can become the new you.

How does Digital Smile Design work?

Smiles are more than teeth.  Digital Smile Design uses video, x-ray and 3-D imagery to map your existing mouth shape, bone structure, and gum structure.  As we design what your new smile will look like we consider your entire face, from the line of your cheeks to the shape of your eyes.  We believe your smile should match your face.

It may seem impossible to imagine, but we even take your personality into account. Digital Smile Design gives us the opportunity to let the real you shine through.

Sophisticated software lets us design the new shape of your smile and develop a treatment plan. The result is a natural smile you won’t believe you weren’t born with.

Digital Smile Design even includes “Smile Donor” technology. That means your smile can be based on a smile you love. You could use your younger self, a family member, or even your favorite celebrity to inspire the design of your new teeth. Of course, we’ll adjust for the intricacies of your face, but the Smile Donor system is often a great starting point if you need help deciding where to begin, or who have always admired a certain smile and want to capture its essence.

You don’t have to wait long to see the benefits of our super-precise design process: We can usually give you your brand-new smile in just two visits. 

Digital Smile Design vs. conventional cosmetic dentistry

Conventional cosmetic dentistry fixes problems as they arise. Every effort is made to account for mouth and gum structure, but the result is not always as precise as it could be.

The resulting smile may well be an improvement, but sometimes it may also look a little unnatural, or not quite work with your existing facial structure.

Digital Smile Design lets us design the smile before we do any work on it, so the look is seamless. The proprietary software allows Dr. Forbes to take into account five crucial features of individual teeth and of the entire smile: shape, texture, color, fit,  and thickness.

The goal is to create a look that is natural from every angle. Conventional cosmetic dentistry tends to fixate on what the smile looks like during a straight-ahead, photo-shoot-ready smile session. But Digital Smile Design accounts for what you might look like as you talk, eat, laugh, and live life.

Can all dentists do Digital Smile Design?

No. In fact, few dentists around the country use this technology, for two related reasons.

First, any dentist who wants to incorporate this technology must become certified. It takes unusual dedication and skill to produce life-changing smiles.

Second, that certification isn’t cheap, and neither is the equipment. Few dentists want to make the investment. In fact, Dr. Forbes is the only dentist in the Richmond area (we know of) to offer Digital Smile Design.

Does insurance cover Digital Smile Design?

Check your insurance company’s policies on cosmetic dentistry. You might have to call the company to be sure. The digital techniques themselves shouldn’t cost more than analog smile design techniques do, and we still use dentistry techniques familiar to your insurance company to create the smile itself. Once we figure out your treatment plan you’ll have the information you need for the insurance company.

When we take you through the mock-up process we’ll also give you a breakdown of costs. You won’t have any surprises. We can walk you through additional options for paying for your treatment. Don’t let financial concerns stop you.

A new smile can change your life. The confidence you’ll receive can transform your career, your social life, your relationship(s), and your self-esteem.

Feel your best

Until we show you your smile mock-up, you might not know how much inner and outer beauty is in a simple smile.  When you feel confident in your smile, you’ll smile more. And when your smile is beautiful, it will light up your face. People remember how you make them feel, and a fantastic smile makes all the difference.

Visit Capital Dental Design in Richmond for a consultation. Find out how your perfect, “real you” smile looks.

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