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Dentists who specialize in Invisalign adjust misaligned teeth so that they are have a standard, straight shape. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible in the mouth. The advantages of Invisalign is that a patient no longer needs to fear being mocked for having braces on his or her teeth. If you’ve been putting off doing anything about your misaligned teeth, now can be a good time to call for an appointment with an Invisalign dentist to explore your options.

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People often have issues cleaning their teeth while wearing metal braces. Unfortunately, it is slightly difficult; you will likely be in a position to brush your teeth like usual, but flossing will likely be a challenge. If you’re not in a position to floss properly, you may experience a buildup of food residue and plaque that can not only lead to poor oral hygiene, but it surely can also promote periodontal ailment. Invisalign may help make it easier to take care of your teeth and can also help you shed pounds because you will snack less.

Invisalign is convenient but requires the patient to follow the rules. They offer custom retainers to provide you optimal results fast. The patient must wear them as directed to achieve the desired results. Invisalign only requires the patient to visit the office every four to six weeks, which happens to be way easier than braces.

An Invisalign dentist creates aligners that can’t be seen by anyone, due to the clear plastic from which they’re made. Treatments can be custom designed to fit people of all ages and correct nearly all alignment issues. Invisalign provides a free consultation at the beginning of their treatments, so that your smile can be assessed. After your Invisalign treatments, you can finish off your dream smile with a little cosmetic dentistry.

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The Invisalign brand has a tremendous reputation because of over three million satisfied customers all over the world. The Invisalign process is right for just about anyone, regardless of age. Even patients over the age of 70 have loved what Invisalign removable aligners have done for their teeth. Invisalign provides all the benefits of metal braces while being not only nearly invisible but also comfortable.

The aligner made by Invisalign, unlike ordinary metal braces is removal and clear. It’s also custom-made to fit your mouth. You usually have the aligners changed every couple of weeks based on your needs. Their best factor is that they function as well as their predecessors. The purpose of changing aligners is similar to tightening and adjusting braces over time to guide your teeth into place.

When you have your Invisalign aligners inserted, you should make appointments with your dentist every six months to be sure that everything is going smoothly. Keep track of the age of your Invisalign retainers, because they do expire after a certain amount of time. Your dentist will likely be in a position to supply permanent retainers to keep your teeth looking great.

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