Routine cleanings and exams are a thing of dread for many patients at many dental practices.  But they are stress-free at Capital Dental Design in Richmond.  If you’re already a patient of ours, you already know cleanings and exams are smooth sailing here.  Or, if you haven’t visited us yet, you can easily find out what our patients say.

One reason people love our dental cleanings and exams is that we schedule each patient according to his or her specific needs. Everyone’s oral health is unique. Healthy gums and teeth call for cleanings every 6 months. If you have had difficulty with gum health or have had a lot of dental work, 3-month or 4-month hygiene appointments may serve you best. Maybe you want the freshest teeth and gums possible all the time, in which case we can work in monthly hygiene appointments for you.

Another reason patients find our exams and cleaning a breath of fresh air is that we take as much time as you need.  Unlike at the typical practice that adheres to a “Accelerated hygiene program” (dental-speak for “Get people in and out as fast as possible”), our cleanings involve much more than a scrape-n’-polish. We use the Cavitron and Prophy-Jet sonic instruments to deep-clean your mouth gently.  While our amazing hygienists work their magic, we take the opportunity to talk with you about anything dental-related that’s on your mind.  Likewise once we’re done with the cleaning.  Our philosophy is that taking a little extra time to discuss your oral health now is the best way to keep your visits quick and painless later.

We offer three kinds of dental exams:

  • A limited exam, which focuses on a specific concern (like a mysterious toothache).
  • A comprehensive exam, in which we look at all aspects of your oral health and give you our recommendations.
  • Our Signature Exam, which includes a comprehensive exam, plus a head-and-neck exam, plus extensive photography with a possible Digital Smile Design in mind.

We also provide 2nd opinions.

To schedule a stress-free exam and cleaning, contact Capital Dental Design today.


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