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If you are born with a tendency to have crooked teeth, chances are, in your early teen years, you might land up with a mouthful of braces. Metal braces will straighten your teeth, but you’ll experience a lot of discomfort and inconvenience in the 1-3 years you’ll have to wear them. Anyone who wants to straighten his or her teeth presently can take advantage of technological advances in dentistry and in orthodontics. An Invisalign dentist can change your life, and these are a few of the reasons why.

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Invisalign is a successful brand that has straightened 3 million people’s teeth worldwide. Invisalign braces can be customized for mouths of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Even people over 70 years old have had success with Invisalign. Not only are they almost imperceptible, however they are also extremely comfortable.

Invisalign aligners are custom made, based on 3D images of the patient’s teeth, from a clear material that is barely noticeable in the mouth. On average, the Invisalign braces are changed every two weeks to accommodate how your teeth are realigning. Metal braces are certainly the gold standard, and Invisalign braces work just as well. Changing aligners is absolutely the equivalent to how orthodontists adjust metal brackets and wiring on regular braces.

You can get special aligner trays that are formed to fit your mouth perfectly. Since the plates fit comfortably over your teeth because they’ve been designed specifically for your mouth. You’ll wear several plates over the course of the treatment, as your mouth straightens over time. Each tray works to position your teeth a little bit at a time and the trays are designed from an exlusive product that is clear making them nearly invisible.

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When learning about braces, many patients ask how to care for the teeth with brackets and wiring in place. It’s hard to floss or even brush as thoroughly as you would like when you have a mouthful of brackets and wires. This can form plaque buildup on your teeth and create cavities and issues later. Wearing Invisalign makes teeth cleaning easier and often results in weight loss due to a decrease in snacking.

You’re making a long-term investment while getting braces for your child. People who certainly have straight, bright smiles often feel happier and are more successful. Anybody who has misaligned teeth can benefit from Invisalign braces, with the exception of certain cross-bites.

An Invisalign specialist knows that a smile can be a baseline for a happy and successful life. Not having a great smile can make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious. You could easily lose self-confidence if you are always trying to hide your smile. If you are looking to fix your smile, you should consider that metal braces, while the conventional treatment, aren’t for everyone.

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