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Metal braces used to be the only device capable of straightening crooked teeth. They can sometimes cause the user inconvenience and discomfort, even though they provide wanted results. However, thanks to technological advances in dentistry and orthodontics, you now have options besides braces to straighten crooked teeth. When you have crooked teeth, we have some reasons why an Invisalign dentist could be right for you.

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Invisalign is worth looking into if you or maybe a child might need braces. Children do not like conventional braces because they’re uncomfortable and can be embarrassing. Invisalign will sometimes cost a little more than braces, but the comfort and confidence that come along with it are worth it. You can get several replacement retainers for free in case your child loses one.

Many people have questions about how to care for their teeth with brackets and wires in their mouth. This answer isn’t exactly clear since, you can continue to brush your teeth as you have but you will have to make some adjustments to your flossing. If you allow food and plaque to set in your teeth it’ll create poor hygiene and periodontal difficulties. Those who use Invisalign don’t have that problem, and some even shed pounds because they end up snacking less often.

While Invisalign is a convenient option, its success depends a lot on the patient. Your Invisalign dentist will make sure that the custom-made retainers match the 3D images of your teeth and may also explain what’s required of you. The results won’t be effective if the patient does not wear them as prescribed. Invisalign is super easy for those with a busy schedule, because you simply need to visit the dentist every four to six weeks.

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Invisalign has gained tremendous popularity, with millions of patients around the world having benefited from the treatment already. Regardless of your age, shape or size – or perhaps the problems you have with your teeth – Invisalign braces can assist you. Orthodontic patients over 70 years of age have used and loved these braces. They’re almost imperceptible and are highly comfortable, while they realign your smile.

After the treatment has started, the patient will need to book an appointment twice a year with an Invisalign dentist in order to verify that the braces are still well-adjusted and not causing any harm to the mouth. Keep in mind, too, that Invisalign aligners only last for a certain time before they need to be changed. Ask your Invisalign dentist about permanent retainers as well to learn if they are right for you.

You will have a form made to custom fit your mouth. The aligning trays will fit perfectly because they are custom. You’ll get a set of aligners to be used in a certain sequence. Each transparent aligner moves your teeth a little more than the one before it.

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