Patients often tell MDs they want to get a second opinion. But they often don’t think to do it for their dental health, where it’s equally important.  Dr. Graham Forbes at Capital Dental Design in Richmond renders second opinions on other dentists diagnoses and recommendations all the time. Contact our office to schedule a second-opinion appointment, or read on to learn more.

When to Seek a Second Opinion on Dental Work

You don’t need a second opinion for routine cleanings, filling, or tartar scaling. But if your dentist (or a referred specialist, like a periodontist) has diagnosed a potentially big, scary, expensive problem in your mouth, you’ll want to confirm there is such a problem. Likewise if you’re very concerned about something and your dentist insists “It’s nothing.”

If you get the same answer twice, you can move forward with more confidence your treatment plan is a good investment in your dental health. If you don’t move forward with what your dentist originally recommended, at least you can discuss with him or her whatever alternatives we discussed.

It’s OK to get a 2nd opinion even if you disagree with the diagnosis, but aren’t sure of the treatment plan you need. At the very least, you might see the same treatment plan offered at a different price, giving you the power to choose whatever option is cost-effective for you. (On the other hand, price-shopping should not be your sole reason for seeking a second opinion.)

Of course, if you and your current dentist simply aren’t clicking, a second opinion can be a great way to see whether a different dentist or different style of dentistry offers a better fit.

The ethics of second opinions in dentistry

Though seeking a second opinion isn’t a matter of ethics for you, the patient, rendering one can be a matter of ethics for dentists. Our goal in giving second opinions is never to “upsell” you. Though we’ll welcome you if you decide to form a relationship with us, we’re not here to try to woo you away from your current dentist. Our only goal is to give you an unvarnished second opinion.

For us, giving a second opinion involves saying whether we’d offer the same recommendation as did your original dentist, and why (or why not). Sometimes we end up agreeing with the first dentist. Other times we don’t agree.

To do that, we look at the procedures the other dentist used to diagnose your condition. We might perform our own examinations, too. Sometimes we o catch things other dentists didn’t, for whatever reason.

We’ve also invested in technologies not everyone else has (yet?), which allows us to present a different treatment plan.

Whether we have good news or bad news, whether we agree with your dentist or disagree, or whether we see you one time or for many years, our goal is the same: to give you an objective second opinion on whatever dental issue concerns you.

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